Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Back On Track??

Its been a loong time .. I knows.. this has/is the most hectic year ever, the kids went to Hawaii to go visit the Eman's side of the family and see their Aunt get married. They got to see their Grandpa for the first time (Emans Dad). They got to chill with thier aunts, uncle and favorite cousin Gisella.
Started a fun business with good pal Marie.. and I finely graduated.. got some externship to do but YEAY its over. Thats it for now.. I just might keep this place up.. this is a lame post, but an update non the less.


Marie said...

Awesome's been eons...hope to be seeing more of you.heh
Heidi's wedding...that's cool, she looks lovely, as always.
Luv ya!

Christina said...

Aww, you got a good panprama of shots: the dressy wedding ones and the kids in the trees ha ha! Congrats on graduating!

Ali said...

Congratulations on your graduation..I know you've worked hard on it !! u look great. Nice to see you've updated

Chloe said...

Congratulazioni cugina!!!! Un bacione forte forte!