Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Interesting thought

At a concert in California, devotional singer Krishna Das told a story of escorting his revered teachers, a frail old Indian couple, to an acupuncturist in New York. They had to walk through a neighborhood dominated by strip clubs, prostitutes, and drug dealers. Every few feet, a new salesperson approached with an offer of crack, weed, crank, or sexual adventures.

Krishna Das worried about subjecting his beloved guides to such a degrading experience, but they were unfazed. "This is heaven," said the woman. When a surprised Krishna Das asked what she meant, she replied, "Heaven is any place where one's needs can be met."

It's funny, odd, quirky .. but true, in a sense.

Angry MOM


"A Tale of Two Nursing Moms"

Racine, WI – This Saturday, two moms are organizing a nationwide nurse-in of the popular lingerie store, Victoria's Secret. Prompted by run-ins with Victoria's Secret employees, Rebecca Cook, of Burlington, WI and Jessie Chandler, of Quincy, MA have decided to do something about state and federal laws that do not protect nursing mothers.

On June 21, 2006, Rebecca Cook entered a Victoria's Secret store with a friend to browse through the sales racks. While in the store, Mrs. Cook's daughter wanted to nurse, so she went to the dressing room and asked for one. When a dressing room wasn't available, she said that she'd sit out of the way and nurse her daughter, and was told that she wasn't allowed to by a store employee, that she would have to use a restroom. After she refused to use a restroom to nurse her daughter, a dressing room opened up, and while she was in it, the two store employees were heard loudly discussing, right outside her dressing room, to make sure if there's an occupied sign that the dressing room is truly occupied and to get customers in and out of the dressing rooms as soon as possible. Mrs. Cook left the dressing room because of their rudeness, nursing her daughter on her way out of the store. When she called to complain to the store manager, she was told that the employee probably asked her to nurse in the restroom because the sight of her breasts might offend a customer. Taking the complaint of the treatment by the store manager to the corporate customer service wasn't any further help, because she was told that women are not allowed to try on clothing in the middle of the store, therefore they are not allowed to nurse in the middle of the sales floor.

In a similar incident, Jessie Chandler entered a Victoria's Secret store on June 22, 2006 to browse the sales racks as well, after feeding her daughter. A saleswoman approached her to welcome her to Victoria's Secret, and Mrs. Chandler asked to use a changing room. When asked by the sales associate if she was going to change her daughter's diaper, Mrs. Chandler said that she was going to nurse her, to which the sales associate replied with giving directions to the bathroom outside the store. Mrs. Chandler refused to use the bathroom, and the attendant said that it was unsanitary for her to nurse in the dressing room because people change in them. When Mrs. Chandler called the store manager, she received an apology. Mrs. Chandler called Victoria's Secret's corporate office after hearing of Mrs. Cook's experience with corporate's customer service, and was told that Mrs. Chandler's experience was an isolated experience and that she would have a letter of apology sent out to her.

This nurse-in is not about Victoria's Secret's lack of enforcing their company policy; the company only prompted the awareness for a need for state and federal protection for nursing mothers. The federal government has invested a lot of time and money into advertising about breastfeeding being the best nutrition for babies, but without federal protection, some moms might give up when they're told that breast milk is dirty and unsanitary. To make those federal dollars most effective, we have to protect and educate; protect a mother's right to nurse in public, and educate those that work with the public on the proper way to handle nursing in public and those that might complain about it.

"A Tale of Two Nursing Moms" seeks to bring recognition to the need for a federal law that protects a nursing mother's right to feed her baby anywhere that she and her baby would otherwise be allowed to be. We're urging moms to go to their local Victoria's Secret on July 1 at 1 pm to nurse their babies and be a part of this important movement."

What a bunch of retards, I wouldn't have just walked all over the store nursing my baby (something I did do, and am proud of doing)! I'm going to borrow a child on the1st of July.
I don't care, my boobs while in a child's mouth is FOOD. I am NOT ever going to nurse my child in the bathroom, I would have told the attendant to go eat her lunch in the bathroom.
It's amazing how society twists something natural into something perverse. To you PERVERTS, get OUT of MY WAY!!! For anyone that thinks nursing is something to hide, go hide your bottles because there is nothing more perverse then feeding a child with glass or plastic. (This statement excludes those that have a valid reason to bottle feed their child).

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My profound thought...

Slipping through my fingers is the life once lived. Old ideas vanish, new ones forming.
Perspective changes, the heart never.
Standing alone, on the brink of time.. holding the hourglass waiting for the turn. Grain hitting on grain, dead silence, yet I hear the thunder.
Slowly turning.. topsy turvy, so my life is.
Changing with the passing of time, hitting the bottom of the hourglass not a pleasant sight.
And life goes on, one era ended in my small fraction of a lifetime, new one will begin.

Monday, June 12, 2006


So yeah, I'm a little late with the watching of 'Spanglish'. It hasent' really been on the top of my list and still isn't, but I had a question and have been mulling over it for a couple days now: Why in God's earth did he not touch the maid?!
My conclusion was this, maybe it was true love. I think that if you truely love a person you can touch without touching, but my thoughts apart.
Let's say if they did the deed, would it have marred something beautiful? Would it have defiled something perfect? Would that memory that had been burned into her heart, just been brushed off as a passionate event?
Or do you think that it would have been just as beautiful?
Yes I'm a romantic, and I know very few agree with how I look at love. I know that this is just a movie, I was just sitting here thinking of how I would have ended the movie if I were the director. Seriously, I don't know.