Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Today I watched 'In Her Shoes', I thought it was a sweet little movie. I can't say I can relate to it much, but one thing is for sure we are a tight family.
I loved growing up in my ever expanding family, quiet proud of it actually. So proud that every New Years Eve when we'd hold this ceremony known as the 'Candle Light Service', we'd all wish for a new baby brother or sister (that depends on what side you were on in battle of the sexes). Yep! And my mom ended up with 10 of us.
We were and still are a rowdy bunch, the talk of the small town and an ever expanding family... No, not by means of my mother, she reluctantly passed the torch on to us.
Life had it's funny turns of events, things didn't end as a 'happy' family was supposed to, but I still treasure each and every one of my siblings, they all hold a special place in my heart and I know things will be okay because.. Hey, we're family.
It's funny how much easier it is to forgive your own family, find excuses for them and truly want to help them. It's funny how you can't live with or without them. It's funny how a little thing can spur things into action, and how easily things will calm down.
I miss our crazy bunch! But I'm glad I'm over here.. nana nana nana

Man... I need a scanner!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Belly dancing

Guy friend: "So girls, were are you going tonight"
Me: "Out.. Ladies night." With an assertive smile
Guy friend: "Yeah... but were?"
Girlfriend: "Oh we're going to watch some belly dancers."
Here I start feeling a little uncomfortable, giggle and scratch the back of my neck... knowing what would come next.
Guy friend with a quizzical, stumped look in his face: "What do you mean belly dancers? You girls are going to go out to watch girls dance, like a strip club.. why would you want to do that, are you gay?"
Me: "Heh heh, no we're not gay... "
Girlfriend: "Actually belly dancing is not supposed to be thought of in that way."
Guy friend: "No, what do you mean..."
Girlfriend interrupts to explain the history of belly dancers and it origins.

I too did not have a clear knowledge of the role belly dancer/ing held in history, I had many misconceptions of who they were and what they did. So I thought that today would be a great day for a little history, enjoy:


P.S: I did have a video clip of that fun night out... I still haven't figured this blog thing out, so berry berry sorry

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ramblings of the mind..

Mediterranean Sea,
I hear you beckoning me
Waves washing ashore
Your soft voice, your hushing lull.
Reluctant thoughts stroll by
I miss the warmth of the sun,
of days careless and free
Rolling sand between my fingers,
Feet tickled by the rising tide.
Here I stand gazing out my 'window'
memories fading of my time spent at sea
In a world not for me,
forced by fate to sit and wait.
Life passes painfully in slow motion
While my head spins and never rests.
Timeless mind, how fast it goes
Fastforwarding mentally as if plans
for the future would collide
with the reality of today.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A little of our crazy world..

Here is a little bit of Albania for you.
You gotta give it to them when it comes to making the best of an odd situation. As we say: "Where there is a will, there is a way."

Heh, never thought of doing that.

And here is one Tough Grandma.. bet ur Granny can't do that.

As crazy as this country is, I love it!

So here we go

Lets have some FUN!!