Sunday, July 08, 2007

To The 'Calm and Peaceful' One

One more day one more problem. They seem to mount as time goes on, maybe it is because we had it so good or maybe it's bad luck pursuing us to ruin any good that there is left. Maybe it's the grim reaper waiting in the corner preparing us for what we can't escape. They say it's when we are at our bleakest moment that we will finely see the light, that we will see the light shine at it's brightest. We've been waiting for that light for so long and just when I think we're prepared for that light we plunge deeper into the dark abyss of life.
I can't image what you are going through all I can do is sympathize, I reach out to hold your hand... but it's not there... I move closer and want to hold you ... the distance separates us. All I can do is cry and pray that that pain will not take hold of you and bring you down. That you will find the courage and strength that I know is in you to be the happy, despite what life has thrown your way.
They say that out of the ashes of life spring the most beautiful flowers... You have always been beautiful to me and to top it off, you have all those qualities that count most in this life: The smile that shines like the sun and melts even the stone cold , the heart that loves even when you hurt, and the courage to face life with grace and understanding even when all odds point against you. I guess God blessed you with this because He knew that you had a special place to fill in this world. That you needed all these qualities to overcome and become what He has meant for you to be.
I want you to know that you are not alone, and that we are standing right by your side. We may not understand you completely, but each one of us understands at least one side of you. Maybe that is why you where born to such a big family. Who knows... All that to say: I Love YOU and keep being the cheerful person He has made you !!

(PS. If you don't know what this is about, don't ask questions.. just take it for what it's worth.. I guess)


silverwaters said...

We're keeping you all in our prayers. She's on my daily vigil list.

Lisa said...

love you girl....praying for her always..

Ruth Cortejos said...

So sweet! nice to see you posting a bit more :-D

Wake said...

Thanks for ur prayers, she is doing a lot better and is taking it very well.

Faye said...

Hey Loanna, so sweet what u wrote almost made me cry I feel for u & ur whole fam esp her. It's really not an easy thing to go through, esp when u'r so young, I was so sad when I first heard of it, why do those things have to happen esp to sum1 so sweet as her. I really wish there was sumthing I cud do but there isn't, all I can do is pray so that is what I am doing. Luv u all so much.
P.S. I heard that she might come here soon 4 a visit.

Wake said...

Thank You Faye and she has been having a lot of improvement, so nice of you to stop by. Say hi to her for me when you see her. XOX for you too.