Monday, July 31, 2006


While reading an article today on ADHD, I realized that some people just like to blame their child's 'problem' on some illness, which in reality isn't an illness or a problem. For most cases of ADHD the child is being simply just that, a child!!
In the article it stated that the children in question were out of control during the summer break and how the parents 40 and 50 years of age couldn't keep up. How these parents have opted for Summer Camp to coop with the situation-- as summer camp, much like school, provided structure and a rigid schedule.
My question is this, what are people doing having kids at such a late age when really they can't keep up with the these so-called hyperactive kids??
News Flash!! Kids bounce off walls, kids don't sit still, kids love to play, kids need a schedule, kids need attention, kids fidget, kids scribble on walls, kids love being in action!!
While there are some kids that do have ADHD, it seems to be a growing problem. Its astonishing how many kids will be labeled with ADHD and drugged because- OH MY, they are ALIVE!!!
Kids aren't supposed to be cute little things sitting quietly on the couch waiting for their parent when their parent has time for them. Kids aren't supposed to behave as saints with halos with that dead look in their eyes.
When I imagine my kids I imagine them happy, cheerful, jumping, doing their crazy things, exploring, curious. I never once imagine them dormant. And really those ADHD drugs, what do they do?- Turn children into little vegetables, lifeless beings.
Seriously if people wanted a doll, that's what they should have bought. Forget having a child if you can't handle their spirit, their life and their laughter.

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Impetuous Lady said...

Sorry, I must confess I haven't checked out your blog in awhile but this post is RIGHT ON!!!

Well said and well written!