Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Trust Issues

Never ever, ever trust a man to do your business.
Today the carpet cleaner arrived, he arrived an hour and a half late, high as a kite and I knew that he was the type you oughta watch and make sure they get the job done. But since my day had already been postponed I decided that I could turn over the very hard, intense, being nice and trying to get the job done task over to my dear, sweet, lovely hubby since we both share the same desire of a beautiful carpet and getting 'your monies worth' dream... Or so I had thought.
After making it so that I gave the carpet floor 8 hr plus to dry, I come back home to find that my dreams were crushed. I had spent 40$ and wore myself out for over 8 hrs. to come home to a 'mopped' carpet. I know, I know I did say that you can't mop a carpet in my earlier post but I was proven wrong.
Now if you've ever seen a 'mopped' carpet you'd be very devastated with the result. It's a watered carpet with a vacuumed look. The guy didn't move the couches, but hey that's ok it was clean under there.. but he didn't even move the table, it's light I can move it ... in fact I did moved it to one side all he had to do was move it to the other side and clean, not to mention areas that didn't even get touched by his soggy attempts to clean. Devastated I look at my hubby and asked him if he even watched what the guy did. His reply just made my body shudder in anger, he decided to go back to bed and let the man work. Arrgh was I angry. I still am.. but I don't know at who, the carpet cleaner guy or my hubby.
All that to say never entrust your money or carpet to a man, at least not to the men mentioned above. LOL!!

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Impetuous Lady said...

ACK...I think you taught me something here. I will learn, I will learn...