Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ramblings of the mind..

Mediterranean Sea,
I hear you beckoning me
Waves washing ashore
Your soft voice, your hushing lull.
Reluctant thoughts stroll by
I miss the warmth of the sun,
of days careless and free
Rolling sand between my fingers,
Feet tickled by the rising tide.
Here I stand gazing out my 'window'
memories fading of my time spent at sea
In a world not for me,
forced by fate to sit and wait.
Life passes painfully in slow motion
While my head spins and never rests.
Timeless mind, how fast it goes
Fastforwarding mentally as if plans
for the future would collide
with the reality of today.



CurlyCel said...

Hey, cool - I didn't realize you wrote, my dear. Nice!

Impetuous Lady said...

Everybody the secret is out Wake writes!!! It's good! I like it!!